Reddit Recommend Best Glass Cups 2018: Duralex 

Reddit has come to the rescue again with a new recommendation from r/BuyItForLife: the “almost indestructible” Duralex tumblers. As u/caltomin puts it, they’re very durable, look nice, and you’ll have plenty more if you break a few. Made in France, it’s found its way into restaurants worldwide for its uncanny ability to stay in one piece. And also it’s cheap.

After reading reviews on reddit, I decided to purchase a set myself. They are much thicker than my previous set from Amazon. They seem to be extremely durable, with a heavy/solid feel to them. It’s a classic style that you see everywhere, from bars to diners. They’re also typically used at latte cups in Australia. It is an amazing sight when they DO break, as it shatters into a million pieces. But unless you’re being clumsy, these will hold up for decades.

$14.99 – Set up 6 Reddit Recommended Duralex Cupslink

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