Reddit Recommend Best Pillows for Back or Shoulder Pain 2018

It’s undeniable that the evolution of the workplace has brought back and shoulder pain into the lives of countless Americans. Whether or not you work in a white collar job, you definitely do not want to wake up sore. A night’s rest is supposed to heal you. But in order to do so, you must have the right bedding equipment, and pillows are an essential piece to the puzzle to solving your back problems.

Today, we researched four threads:
Thread #1: I’m a back and side sleeper. Looking for a quality pillow under $60.

Thread #2: Requesting the Best Pillow Available Recommendations

Thread #3: What is the best pillow in the planet?

Thread #4: You Should Know how to choose the best pillow.

This enables me to compile a guide on the best pillows, as well as how to choose them.

What is in a Pillow?

When you look at pillows, you will typically find the following:

Soft Down / Synthetic Down – Made from duck and goose feathers. Light, fluffy and traps heat effectively, this type of pillow is widely used throughout the world. Great for back sleepers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any recommended feathered down pillows by Reddit. The consensus is that it’s nearly impossible to find good down feather pillows that aren’t overpriced these days and alternatives are simply better.

Latex Foam – Has the support of memory foam without the heat. Made of resilient material that conforms to your head and shoulders for comfort. They are allergen-free, anti dust mite, anti microbial, and mildew cannot grow on it. Great for back and side sleepers. Not a lot of recommendations for latex foam pillows on Reddit. The only highly upvoted one is by u/traai who loves his Organic Natural Latex Pillow. It is firm, which is great for someone who needs more neck support.

Reddit Recommended High-tech Gel x Memory Foam – Great for warm sleepers who like a cool pillow through the night. User u/mewithoutMaverick commented, “I have the version of that pillow that has some gel mixed in with the memory foam and it’s by far the best pillow I’ve ever had. It was expensive but absolutely worth. I waited 6 months before buying it, if not more, because I couldn’t stomach spending $80 on a pillow… It was so amazing I bought one for my wife and both of my parents.”2

Reddit Recommended Memory Foam – Offers very good neck support due to the dense foam. Reduces pressure points by adjusting to your body shape as you move throughout the night. The recommended memory foam pillow works for back, stomach, and side sleepers. As u/_bartleby says, “I swear by this pillow. It works for me, a stomach and side sleeper, as well as my partner, who is a back sleeper.”

Memory foams are quite popular amongst Reddit Pillow Recommendation threads. Another highly recommended one is the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Coop Home Goods. User u/kurokitten says, “It’s an especially good pillow for side-sleepers, as the best side-sleeping position is to tuck your arm under the pillow, and this one accommodates that really well – that’s the main reason I purchased it.”

Reddit Recommended Buckwheat Pillow – Buckwheat pillows are supportive, molds to your body, and does not trap heat. It’s also fully adjustable by removing or adding the buckwheat hulls. They’re usually under $30 on Amazon and will last years with a stock pillow protector. u/lordnequam recommends getting buckwheat hulls so you can adjust the pillow’s firmness to your liking.

Reddit Recommended Water Pillow – A water-based polyester pillow that you fill yourself to any firmness you desire. From soft to extra-firm, from flat to extra plush. The easily fillable water reservoir provides maximum customization. The water base also enables the pillow to conform to your body, unlike any other material.

u/wheelchaircowboy says it’s like sleeping on a cloud. Reddit user u/xenazeus says: “I have bought numerous pillows over the years including ‘MyPillow’. None helped neck pain.” He tried one final pillow, the highly recommended Mediflow water pillow. “What a relief. Best pillow for my needs. Has a water reservoir in the center you fill to the desired level for support. Tweak the water levels until you find your ideal comfort level.”