Reddit Recommend Best Dog Puzzle Toys in 2018

I searched religiously for mentally stimulating toys for my terrier-poodle rescue, Kenny. Once again, Reddit proved to be the best place for dog puzzle toy recommendations. I browsed the following threads:

Reddit Thread 1: Favorite puzzle / IQ toys for your dog

Reddit Thread 2: List of doggy brain toy links

My personal favorite puzzle toy so far is the original Kong. However, after several months with it, I think Kenny has graduated and would appreciate a harder puzzle. Through my Reddit research, I’m happy to report the following puzzle toys that are a step up from the original Kong:

The Kong Wobbler is a step up in difficulty from the original Kong toy. It has a hole in the middle rather than the bottom. The hole is also smaller. This toy will take your dog anywhere from 5-20 minutes to get everything out. It can last for over an hour if the treats inside are frozen!

$14.99 – Kong Wobbler Small for dogs up to 25 lbs

$19.99 – Kong Wobbler Large for dogs 25 lbs and up

The Westpaw Toppl Toy is a hardy toy, similar to the Kong Wobbler, but made of tougher material. It’s also easier to fill, as you simply remove the top, fill it with treats or kibble, and connect it with the bottom. A wonderful step up from the Kong Wobbler.

$20.95 – Westpaw Toppl Interactive Treat Dispensing Toy

Some dogs get too smart for the Kong toys. Redditors and Amazon reviewers claim it is harder than the Kong due to its size and deep pockets. It’s basically a pocket toy that you can stuff treats deep inside. It takes dogs up to 30 minutes to empty one pickle out. The good thing about it is that you can put peanut butter deep inside and freeze it, stretching play time out up to an hour!

$12.99 – StarMark Pickle Pocket

According to Reddit, Nina Ottosson makes some amazing IQ dog puzzles. If you’ve never had one, this Reddit Recommended Level 1 Outward Hound toy is the perfect introduction.  You put treats inside the little bones and align them on the puzzle toy. Your dog then has to figure out that the treats are inside and also how to flip the little bones over to get the treats. Once your dog learns how to solve this puzzle toy, it’s time to graduate to level 2.

$12.99 – Outward Hound by Nina Ottosson