Reddit Recommend Best Bar Soap in 2018

In my search to find the best soap for my sensitive skin, I’ve tried:

Pure Castile Liquid

Dove Men’s Soap

Shokubutsu Liquid Soap

Just water

Honestly, not using soap was a terrible idea because I started to stink. And since I have limited experience and I have a finite amount of time and money to test soaps, I decided to see what Reddit recommends as the best soaps and stumbled onto many threads discussing the benefits of Sappo oatmeal bar soap with real oatmeal bits.

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Reddit Thread 3: Is homemade soap actually more frugal?

Reddit Thread 4: Do you still use bar soap?

Sappo Hill Bar Soap – Oatmeal Natural 3.5 oz – 1 Pack (12 bars)

The consensus is that Sappo Hill Bar Soap is the best basic bar soap that provides gentle exfoliation and hydration to your skin. According to u/flying_squid, it’s the most delicious smelling soap he’s ever used. It’s also gotten rid of the itching and other sensitivity issues he’s experienced using synthetic soaps. With a good scrub in the armpit area, this soap can both exfoliate dead, dry skin and kill bacteria and fungus. One bar lasts about a month and is about $2. A pack of 12 bars will conveniently last you more than a year of twice-daily use.

My personal experience with this soap has been great. It’s honestly the best soap I’ve ever used. I am naturally lazy and prone to exfoliating too little for the sake of my skin. Who has time to soap, scrub, dry off, and moisturize twice a day every day? Fortunately by combining soaping and exfoliating, my routine has become easier to maintain. Also, the oatmeal makes my skin feel smooth and gentle to the touch. I highly recommend getting the 12 pack.