Reddit Recommend a Knife for Beginner Chefs

u/nastylittleman shares that good knife skills can only be learnt by practice. Make sure to choose the right tool for the job. A sharp knife lets you apply little force and go slower. Dull knives are dangerous because they may slip from the extra force. Keep your knife closer to your hand for an easier cut. Of course, using the right knife makes the whole process smoother. And this is where Reddit comes to the rescue.

$41.99 – Victorinox 8 Inch

There’s a well known circlejerk going on in Reddit about the Victorinox knife. But there’s a reason why. It’s a knife that cuts well and is relatively cheap. Will a $100 kiwi knife cut better? Absolutely. Will it cut 3x better? No way. If this is your first starter knife, then the Victorinox is the proper recommendation. Make sure you get the Reddit Recommended honing steel to go along with it and sharpen your knife after every use. Not honing your knife decreases its lifespan and quality.