Reddit Recommends Best Smart Lights 2019

Option #1: $92.95 – Philips Hue Lights Starter Kit

Smart lighting has become a big interest in homes across America ever since Philips released the affordable Hue Lights in 2012, making installing smart lights easy: just replace the light bulbs, get the app, and press a button on the bridge to connect them all together. According to Reddit, Hue Lights are the easiest to set up, but are among the higher-end at $20-30 a bulb.

The Starter Kit is the best value, with 4 bulbs and a bridge for less than $100. According to u/bigJRuss who’s used smart bulbs from 5 other brands, “The Phillips Hue smart lights respond every single time to commands via Google home. The Phillips Hue showed up for pairing super easy. The Phillips Hue respond reliably to commands from Hue app and quickly to remote control.”

While the Hue is a solid smart light choice, we do want to explore our options here.

Option #2: $195.99 for a 4-pack of LIFX Standard (for large lamps)

$159.99 for a 4-pack of LIFX Mini (for office lamps), or $39.99 for a one pack

User u/baldthumbtack, who has both a Mini a Standard, has this to say, “I absolutely love them. They are quick to respond to Home/Assistant commands and once you get the hang of the different color commands it’s a lot of fun.”

User u/ITcamefromIT says, “I like LIFX. They work really well and don’t require a hub. They connect directly to any 2.4 Ghz Wifi.”

However, without a hub, things can get rocky when you live in a crowded urban space. As u/WelcomeToBoshwitz puts it, “note that if you have live in a big city like NYC, they are reaaaaaallly hard to pair on a 2.4 GHz network.”

It’s also quite pricey!

Option #3: $54.34 – TP-Link Wifi Bulbs 3-Pack

For those on a budget looking for a no-frills smart light, the TP-Link Wifi Bulbs is a great choice.

u/DPAmes1 says, “I have some TP-Link WiFi bulbs, wall switches, and sockets. They’re great – really well designed, easy to set up, and they work smoothly with Google Home, IFTTT, Stringify etc.. They don’t need any hub/bridge hardware since they interface directly to your WiFi network, which makes them very cost-effective in small numbers”

u/Lexams says, “I have 3 tp links that I use in my lamps. Not had any problems with them. And I like not needing a hub for them.”

I personally use Hue Lights in my home. The Philip’s Hub ensures a solid connection throughout the day. With the user-friendly app, I can turn my living room into a high-class candle lit restaurant, cafe-level bright, or caveman red with a single tap. Whichever smart lights you choose will surely give you a sense of how automation can bright up our lives.


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